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VWL / BWL (Economics and Business Administration)

Exam exercises for the university entrance exam can be set from the following topics

Introduction to Economics

  • Ten rule of economics
  • Concepts of economics
  • Interdependence and the advantages of trade

Supply and demand I: how markets work

  • The market forces of supply and demand
  • Elasticity and their utilization
  • Supply, demand and decisions based on economic-political grounds

Supply and demand II: markets and wealth

  • Consumers, producers and the efficiency of markets
  • Utilization: The cost s of taxation
  • Utilization: international trade

The economics of the public-state sector

  • Externalities
  • Public good and societal resources
  • The configuration of the tax system

Company behaviour and organisation

  • Manufacturing costs
  • Enterprises in competitive markets
  • Monopolies
  • Oligopolies
  • Monopolist competition

Finance and accounting

  • double-entry accounting
  • Exemplary issues of accounting   


Sample test as pdf file