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German (M-, T-, W-Course)

The written exam consists of three parts:

  • Part 1: Listening Comprehension
  • Part 2a: Text Editing
  • Part 2b: Linguistic Structures (Grammar)
  • Part 3: Text Composition

   1. Listening Comprehension

  • In listening comprehension a non-fictional text comprising 450-550 words will be read out aloud twice. After the first reading an exercise sheet will be handed out. It includes exercises regarding listening comprehension. Parts of the text should be reproduced in detail. Note can be taken during the second reading.

   2a. Text Editing

  • In text editing students will be handed a non-fictional text of about 450 words. Exercises can include questions regarding contents, structure and vocabulary of the text. Furthermore, tasks could include personal comments on the text, transfer questions, summaries, structuring and the creation of headlines.

   2b. Linguistic Structures (Grammar)

  • Exercises regarding subjunctive I and II
  • Conversion of participles into relative clauses
  • Conversion of nominal clauses into subclauses
  • Exercises on modal verbs
  • Gap filling: prepositions, conjunctions, relative pronouns
  • Exercises regarding clause creation
  • Exercises regarding function verbs
  • Exercises regarding articulateness

   3. Text Composition

  • In text composition students have to describe and interpret a chart. There will also be one or two transfer questions which should be answered in form of a text.


Time provided for all parts: 240 minutes

Sample test as pdf file