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Frequently Asked Questions

Which costs and charges do occur while visiting Studienkolleg?

The Niedersächsisches Studienkolleg charges fees. They amount to 250 Euros per semester. Additionally there are administrative fees of ca. 300 Euros (these include the student train ticket for Lower Saxony and ticket for local transport in Hannover, social fees and the membership for the students´ union).

Living  costs are about 700 Euros per month. These cover accommodation, clothing, food and drink). Students have to make sure that they can provide the sum. In general there are no scholarships provided. Under certain conditions college students might receive scholarships from their home countries. However, applicants have to make sure that they have to apply for scholarships at the respective governmental authorities (department of education) or large companies in advance to make sure that a scholarship is granted in time.

 Entry Test: 30 Euro
 Fee for the external university entrance exam: 200 Euro
Studies fees: 250 Euro (per semester)
Administrative fees (includes student train ticket): ca. 300 Euro (per semester)