New admission procedure for the core courses for the Winter Semester 2021/22

It is a 2-step procedure:

1) Proof of German language skills by means of a recognised certificate, at least at level B 1:

Onset, Test-Daf, DSH, DSD, Telc, Telc Hochschule, Goethe certificates, ÖSD certificates, Unicert, IB-German, certificates of the TU Clausthal and the TU Braunschweig.

2) Entrance test in the second subject:

M: Biology/Chemistry

T/W: Mathematics

G/S: History/Politics

At the moment we assume that the entrance test for the second subject can take place locally in Hanover. Should this not be possible due to the development of the Corona pandemic, we will inform you here.

Please do not send your German certificate to the Studienkolleg until we ask you to do so. Only the certificates listed above will be recognised. The invitation to the second part is based on the level of language proficiency proven in the German certificate.

It is not possible to apply directly for the admission procedure at the Studienkolleg. Please contact one of the colleges and universities in Lower Saxony and apply for a place there. The respective university will inform you during the admission procedure whether you need to attend a Studienkolleg prior to your actual studies and will send you an admission to the next date of the admission procedure.

Entrance Test Winter Semester 2021/2022

Which core course is the correct one for me?

  • T-Course


    You attend the T-course if you want to study mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technical subjects. Examples of subjects: Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mining and Metallurgy, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Geology, Computer Science, Landscape Management, Food Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Mineralogy, Physics, Surveying, Business Mathematics and others.

  • M-Course

    The M-course prepares you for studies in biology, medicine, pharmacy, and related subjects. Examples of the subjects: Agricultural sciences, biology, forestry, medicine, pharmacy and others.

  • W-Course

    In the W-course you will be prepared for the subjects of business administration, economics and social sciences.

    Examples of subjects: Political science, business administration, economics, law and others.

  • G- and S-Course


    Successful completion of the G-course entitles you to study a humanities subject or German studies. Applicants for the S-course also attend the G-course.

    Examples of subjects: German, History, Art, Music, Literature and others