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The next entry exam will be on 5th September 2017 for course types T, G and S, and on 7nd September 2017 for course types M and W, at the facilities of Studienkolleg, Hannover, Am kleinen Felde 30.


By mistake some applicants got a wrong date for the entry exam.  The dates mentioned at the Studienkolleg’s website (5.9. for course types T, G and S, 7.9. for course types W and M) are the correct ones. The admission you got from the university is valid for these entry exam dates.


The entry exams differ according to the course types. You are only allowed to sit one entry exam and you may not change your course type afterwards.

Do not forget to bring a fee of € 30 in cash and banknotes, if possible in the correct change. Do not bring coins.


Important information for refugees

Important informations

Application via UNI-ASSIST

If you want to apply to a university or a university of applied sciences in Lower Saxony via ASSIST bear in mind that processing of application usually takes 8-10 weeks. So please apply early to guarantee your registration in time.

Note for handicapped persons

Please inform Studienkolleg directly as soon as you have received the admission to the entry exam from a university or a university of applied sciences in Lower Saxony. Please don’t forget to send a medical certificate about your handicap.



Requirements and Sample of the Entry Exam


Any applicant has to sit two tests. Information as regards to contents of tests are to be found below: 

Entry exam German: T, M, W, and G/S Courses

Entry exam Mathematics T, M, and W Courses

Entry exam Humanities: G/S Courses