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You may be admitted to the university entrance exam even if you didn’t attend courses at Studienkolleg. Therefore a successful application to a university or a university of applies sciences in lower Saxony is required.

The degree of difficulty of the university entrance exam is often underestimated by external students. This shows in the rather low pass rate of external exam candidates with a pass rate of around 20% whereas the pass rate of students having attended Studienkolleg is between 85 and 90 %.

The guideline concerning the subjects (not legally binding) should help students rate the entry exam in a correct way.  These requirements apply to applicants preparing for mathematics and science-based courses (T-Course), medicine and biology (M-Course), economics, business administration (W-course) and the humanities (G-Course).


Applicants wanting to sit the university entrance exam without having attended the preparatory course at Studienkolleg do forward their application via ASSIST to the respective university that they want to take their degree course with later on (do also see list of addresses). The respective university forwards the application to Studienkolleg: the students will be invited in written form. An application thus being admitted can only be filed at the respective university. Applicants from EU countries who would like to take a degree course at Leibniz University Hannover do directly apply for enrolement at Leibniz University.

 Knowledge of German 

To be admitted to the university entrance exam, as a proof of your knowledge of the German language you have to bring one of the following certificates:



Goethe Zertifikat C2

IB - Deutsch Level A

ÖSD Zertifikat C1

Telc Hochschule C1

Telc C1

TestDaF at least 2x4, 2x3

 Unicert III

Proof of technical knowledge/testing day

There will be an obligatory information and testing day not later than 4 weeks before the university entrance exam to check the applicants’ technical knowledge of at least two subjects, especially the knowledge of math. For the date of the next testing day please have a look at this list of dates.

Without an attendance at this testing day one will not be allowed to sit the university entrance exam.

Necessary documents for the information and testing day

Please bring the following document on the information and testing day:

Your language certificate (original document and one duplicate)

Your admittance of a university in Lower Saxony for the appointed day of the university entrance exam

Your passport and one duplicate of your passport

Exclusion from the university entrance exam

If one’s language or technical knowledge is insufficient to succeed in the university entrance exam Studienkolleg may refuse admittance.



It’s not possible to sit the university entrance exam at more than one Studienkolleg.