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Important information for Refugees

Studienkolleg Hannover offers special pre-courses to prepare refugees for a future participation of  T-, M-, W- or G-Course. These pre-courses end with the entry exam at Studienkolleg Hannover. Due to the Corona Pandemic we are offering Sommersemester 2020 pre-courses in form of distance learning. All participants will get individual login information by mail. Teachers will assist you to get familiar with digital learning platforms.    

To take part in a pre-course please apply to an University or Hochschule in Lower Saxony first. The university will send you the Zulassung zum Aufnahmetest and Einladung zum Aufnahmetest. Depending on your entry exam results you will take part either in a T-, M- W- or G-Course directly or in a pre-course.

The decision to accept is made by Studienkolleg Hannover.

The next pre-course will start in April 2020 and last for one or two semesters, depending on yours skills.

Refugee Coordinator

Questions about entrance exam and pre-courses



Coordination of pre-courses and personal questions       


Consultation hour by phone (just for participants of R-Kurs)

On Wednesday    from  1:30 pm till 3.30 pm

Please call on 0511 762 17684 during the consultation hour. Please do not call at other times.


Refugees at universities (DAAD)

Refugees and university studies (study-in)

Studying in Lower Saxony:

Help in personal, social or financial emergencies:

social advice center of Studentenwerk Hanover